Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blogging Tips for SEO

Now once you have made your standalone blog or integrated WordPress into your website so you have an integrated blog you need to get started. Blogging is generally done for different reasons, that is:-

1. To create a community forum stimulating interest and increasing the awareness of the blog as a brand

2. To increase the ranking of a site in the view of search engines to improve positioning in search listings

If your sole objective is the former then you have far more scope in the way you write posts and so long as they are informative and interesting then that is fine.
If your objective is the latter and it is SOE performance that you are looking for then you will need to adhere to some good practice guidelines.
Firstly, make your posts 250-500 words in length and keep them informative and use original content.

Secondly, for an on site link back to pages on your site and ensure that you use link text and title attributes as part of the link. Then check your landing page for your link and ensure that you have relevant content for your link on the landing page. This is important as the search engine will check the relevance of the link and associate value to it accordingly. I demonstrate here by using the phrase IT leadership and transformation which is on the landing page for this link.

Thirdly, in the day in the life of a professional blogger, you will want to make a post a day of original interesting content.

Fourthly, there are the 3 P's. Make it Personal so people know they have the views of a real person. Work in Partnership to other bloggers putting replies on their blogs and in return they should develop an interest in your blog and reciprocate the gesture. And finally, make it passionate to get the interest of people so they are engaged in your views and want to read on.


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