Saturday, 5 June 2010

Blogger or WordPress ?

If you want a free standalone blog then the 2 major contenders are Blogger and Wordpress. Each have there pros and cons but for a standalone blog then the pendulum does swing towards Blogger. Using Blogger template layouts are editable and you can map domain names for free which you need an upgrade for on WordPress. The other advantage on using Blogger is that your posts will be indexed faster. Whether the faster indexing is due to the sheer size of Blogger or because of the fact that it is owner by Google is up for debate, but it certainly seems to be the fact that indexing is faster on Blogger.
However if you want to integrate a Blog into your website then the tides have turned.
Previously then Blogger had an excellent FTP facility which automatically published comments to your own domain but due to excessive resource for support Google have now stopped this!! As an example this blog used to use FTP publishing but the blog has now been migrated to be hosted by Blogger.
Conversely with WordPress you can install WordPress on your domain and integrate it into your site to see an example.
So if you want a Blog integrated with your site I would recommend using Wordpress.


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