Monday 19 October 2009

Google Indexing... Is it a science or black art?

As all webmasters know it is important to get a new website indexed on Google quickly. You can focus on a multitude of other search engines as well but as Google dictates the majority of the traffic then you should concentrate there.
So step 1. Create the site and submit the URL to Google.
Step 2. Create yourself a Google account. In here get the site verified by adding the required meta tag into the header and create a sitemap. Google and the other search engines love sitemaps as they give a precise structure and inform the robots where to look.
Step 3. If possible get yourself an inbound link from a well respected site with a google page rank. This site will be hit by the robots regularly and redirect the robots down the link to yours.
Step 4. Utilise the social networking sites like twitter which bet crawled regularly by Google and put a link back to your URL. You can use tiny URL here so as an example the Towers IT eCommerce site is reduced to Just search on google for Tiny URL and go. Also you can create a blog on a well respected site with a link back to your URL which gives a high probability that the robots will venture down that link.
So now you are complete and depending on the success of your actions the indexing can take anywhere between a few hours and several months.
Right so when you are indexed you can then focus on the SOE activities to imporove your rankings. In summary this entails:-
1. Authoring good and unique content.
2. Good use of keywords in tags and content.,
3. Acquire good quality inbound links from sites with a good page rank and similar content to yours. This not only increase page rank but also will result in inbound traffic through the links. provide a good net.
4. Get listed on quality directories.


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